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Dental Implants at Michael D. Carley DDS

Dental Implants are small titanium screws that are designed to replace missing or damaged teeth and roots. The dental implant replaces the root portion of your teeth and then crowns and/or abutments cover the implants so that new teeth can be designed to replace what was missing or lost. The titanium is bio-compatible and integrates within the bone over the course of 2-4 months. Once they are integrated an impression is taken to design the teeth that will then connect to the implant.

Three categories of patients come to our office specifically for dental implants:

  1. DAMAGED, NEGLECTED, DISEASED TEETH. Some people have teeth that are loose or broken and know that they need to have many of them or all of them removed and replaced by new teeth. In the past a denture was the only option. Now these patients have the opportunity to have there teeth replaced by dental implants. Implants look feel and act like natural teeth. They will never develop cavities and as long as they are cleaned periodically and the patients overall health is not compromised they will stay with a patient for many many years.
  2. MISSING TEETH recently. This may be patients who have had teeth removed in the last 1-5 years and are interested in replacing the missing teeth. The success of implants is very high ranging from 95-98%. Some of these patients have been missing teeth on one side for a while and may or may not have tried a partial denture and not been very happy. These patients usually complain of chipping or cracking or breaking other teeth.

    When you are only able to chew on one side or with front teeth the amount of forces that are put on remaining teeth is too much. Missing teeth is dangerous for other remaining teeth. Eventually the other teeth are going to move or become loose or develop cavities or cracks in them. The best design is to be able to chew on all of our teeth and use front teeth differently than back teeth. Don't underestimate the chain reaction of damage that can develop from not replacing missing teeth.
  3. MISSING TEETH for a long time. This may be someone who has worn a denture or partial for 10-20-30 years and is interested in having teeth that don't move or slide around anymore. They want something that they can use to eat apples, breads, steak. Imagine chewing lettuce again. The grip and comfort of dentures connected to just 2-4 implants or even better a whole new set of teeth changes the life of the previous denture wearer. They can throw away all of their adhesives. They can confidently go to meals with friends or family.

    One of our patients that had a denture connected to implants shared with us that she is now comfortable speaking up at the podium for a non-profit she is volunteering with. She wouldn't have imagined doing this before having Dr. Carley provide a solution that ensured her teeth would stay in there place and not cause any disgrace.

No matter how many implants you choose to have 1, 2, 8 or 14, you can be assured to receive natural-looking teeth that match your facial structure and desired tooth color.

For more information or to have Dr. Carley evaluate your situation please contact us today. Every new patient that has a Panoramic X-ray taken for implant evaluation will receive a complimentary DVD explaining the benefits and opportunities available with dental implants. This DVD will also have a copy of your x-rays that we take.