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Your First Visit as a Child

Dr. Carley loves to see children. He completed an extra course in dental school to see children from ages 6mo to 5 years. In this training he saw the benefit of seeing children as soon as they have their first teeth coming in.

This ranges from 6mo to 1 year but we recommend children come in as soon as their teeth are in and if at all possible by age 1.

Children from 6mo -3 years will sit with Dr. Carley and their parent or caretaker knee to knee. This allows the child to sit directly in the lap of their parent and facing them. The only area that Dr. Carley will be holding will be the back of their head resting on his knees. The parent will have the childs legs wrapped around their waist and they can be holding the childs hands. It helps for the parent to look in the childs eyes and to smile. They are greatly reassured and relaxed when they know mom or dad is right there with them.

In treating children we use the technique TELL SHOW DO. We will tell them what we are going to do, we show them and then we do it. Dr. Carley will count their teeth, check for cavities and provide 2 treatments. The first is a toothbrush prophy with a blue oral rinse. After the biofilm has been cleaned Dr. Carley will then provide a fluoride treatment. The kids are told this is vitamins for the teeth and they generally love the flavor of the fluoride varnish. The varnish will soak in the teeth overnight and we recommend brushing normally the following day. Most appointments are very quick with young children ~15 minutes, but Dr. Carley schedules plenty of time so that he can discuss with the parent what the best ways to brush and prevent cavities.

Ages 3 years to 12 years Children will have a prophylaxis in the dental chair and the teeth will be polished with the handpiece. At this age they are learning how to hold things in their mouths and we will provide a fluoride treatment in the trays. At Age 5 and between 10-12 we take a Panoramic X-ray. At age 5 we can confirm that the child will be having his permanent dentition begin exfoliating "erupting" within the year. At age 10-12 we can make sure none of the permanent teeth have become impacted or stuck underneath primary "baby" teeth. Small Bitewing tab x-rays are taken every 12mo or as needed if there is a high caries risk.

We look forward to seeing your beautiful child and hope they have as much fun as the previous children have had coming to the dentist. Dr. Carley has found that when the children are told that going to see going the dentist can be an exciting and fun experience they actually have a great time and it does become fun and exciting.

Of course the prize chest is at the very end but we like to keep that a surprise!